Organization: Atlas Audio and Medical Limited and Mbarara Unoversity of Science and Technology ENT Department

Project title: Building ear and hearing care services from the grassroots

Regions: African Region – throughout region

Outline of the event:

We plan to visit OKOA Refuge, a village centre for disadvantaged children, youth and communities in a neighbouring district from which we have had several referrals to our practice for ear care and hearing exam and amplification. The centre is permanent home to over 90 children with several others who come in for social and educational support from the neighbouring communities. The centre is far from any health centres that offer ear and hearing care services.
On 3rd March, we hope to spend the day at the centre, offer ear exam and management of ear infections and hearing screening using the ShoeBox portable audiometer as well as give educational talks to the children and the staff using the WHO-WHD resources (both English and translated to Luganda).

Submitter: Doreen Nakku