Organization: Coimbra Health School

Project title: Audiology4all: Apps in Audiology

Regions: Portugal

Outline of the event:

The Audiology4all project decided to celebrate the World Hearing Day, with a morning lecture for approximately 100 people, health professionals and health students, about all the work developed in the project.
Audiology4All aims to democratize access to audiology healthcare services by investigating and developing new products and services of the Evollu ecosystem.
The research and development of the project will focus on creating services and mobile applications that will support the patient on their everyday lives, putting them in control of their own auditory experience and increasing their autonomy and quality of life.
At this moment the project has an tinnitus study app, listening effort and central auditory processing that can be applied in both adults and children.
This work is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through the partnership agreement Portugal2020 – Regional Operation Program CENTRO2020, under the project CENTRO-01-0247- FEDER-047083 A4A: Audiology for All.

Submitter: Margarida Serrano