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Organization: Centro de Investigación de la Audición los Sentidos y la Comunicación (CESCO), Carrera de Fonoaudiologia-Universidad del Desarrollo

Project title: The importance of hearing: Hearing health promotion and prevention

Regions: Chile

Outline of the event:

On World Hearing Day 2023, the Research Center of the Hearing Senses and Communication (CESCO), Universidad del Desarrollo, wanted to be present in order to promote the hearing health of the population, with two activities that are presented below.
1. Hearing health promotion and prevention stand.
This Stand will be located in the central hall of the Universidad del Desarrollo on March 3. Informative flyers will be distributed with tips for hearing care. Interactive games will also be carried out with students with trivia specific to the auditory theme.
2. Awareness talk on the importance of hearing.
On March 3, there will be a talk on the campus aimed at future professionals of the Universidad del Desarrollo, with the aim of raising awareness about the sense of hearing.
Different testimonies from people with deafness will be presented and we will also have the presentation of an expert on hearing loss.

Submitter: Carolina Der