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Organization: European Association of Hearing Aid Professionals – AEA

Project title: Virtual Lunch Debate for World Hearing Day from the European Parliament

Regions: Europe – throughout region

Outline of the event:

AEA, EFHOH, Euro-CIU and EHIMA join forces with WHO for this Virtual Lunch Debate “1st of March 2023 from 12.30 to 14.30 h CET”
Theme: Ear and hearing care for all! – Let’s make it a reality.

– Welcome & Introduction – MEP David Lega (Sweden, EPP)
– Ear and Hearing Care for All – Let’s make it a reality – World Hearing Day 2023 – Shelly Chadha WHO
– Adult hearing screening in Europe: a key prerequisite towards a hearing health strategy – Patrick D’Haese – EHIMA
– Hearing Care Access in Europe – Lidia Best EFHOH & Teresa Amat Euro-CIU
– Why and how to avoid the consequences of untreated hearing loss – Mark Laureyns – AEA
– The importance of Quality Hearing Care and Rehabilitation in Europe – Ariane Laplante-Lévesque – WHO Europe
– Debate and Conclusions.

Participation is free, but registration is required.

Submitter: Mark Laureyns