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Project title: TASLPA WORLD HEARING DAY 2023

Regions: India

Outline of the event:

Telangana Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists Association (TASLPA) would like to observe World Hearing Day 2023 by doing a 5k or 2k Run at different parts of Telangana with the support of our Life Members to create public awareness about importance of Ear and Hearing. We are also planning to conduct Free Ear and Hearing Screening Camps throughout Telangana with the support of ENT Specialists and Audiologists. We are planning to raise public awareness through print media, electronic media and social media. Would like to educate school teachers, Nurses, children, adults and geriatric population about the importance of hearing and early identification of hearing loss and various treatment options available. Planning to distribute Hearing aids at Free of Cost to the poor and needy. Will bring awareness about cochlear implantation and importance of Auditory Verbal Therapy for children who are having congenital hearing loss. Will also coordinate with Government.

Submitter: Kankipati Dr.Nagender