Projects listed excude those projects which had no specific region identified (such as website or global membership programs)


Organization: NID-National Institute for the Deaf

Project title: Ear and Hearing Care Awareness

Regions: South Africa

Outline of the event:

We made contact with a celebrity to assist us by being part of the awareness video we plan to record and edit.
Through this video we would like to make people aware of the seriousness of caring for your ears and taking care of your hearing.
We are excited for this project.
On this day, and leading up to this day (3 March 2023) we will upload posts regarding health care, steps to take, prevention, tips, etc.
We’re looking forward to the impact this will make.
Also, we would like to approach some of the hearing schools in our area to make them aware of this reality.

Submitter: Lynette Victor