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Organization: The Open University of Tanzania

Project title: World Hearing Day 2023 Celebration

Regions: United Republic of Tanzania

Outline of the event:

The Open University of Tanzania will celebrate “World Hearing Day” on March 3, 2023 to raise awareness on “Ear and Hearing Care for All!” Let’s make it a reality through the following activities:
• collaborate with ENT Expert at Patandi Teachers College for presentations on Ear and Hearing Care for all;
• conduct community screening outreach program to invitees;
• advocate for Ear and Hearing Care for all using promotion materials prepared by the WHO;
• health event at a residential complex by conducting a hearing check-up for children and adults;
• provide leaflets on preventive measures;
• advocate for the integration of hearing health care in primary health care provision
• seminar on safe listening practices for the college and community members
• advocate for increased efforts to improve the prevention, identification and management of hearing loss in the communities