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Organization: Social Aid to the People with Hearing and Speech Disabilities Public Union

Project title: World Hearing Activity in Baku

Regions: Azerbaijan

Outline of the event:

It is planned to organize a public event in one of the biggest trading centers located in the center of Baku with participation of 14-15 children with hearing problem. They will wear white t-shirts with messages and will sing the national anthem in gesture language ( It will be organized inside of the “Mall” in flashmob format. Banners and stand will be placed close to the center’s entry in the middle and organization’s staff and volunteers will inform people about hearing and speech problem distributing WHO educational materials in national language. The materials will be translated into national language and printed with the funding requested, transport costs of the staff and children will be covered, as well. Mass media will be invited to prepare a reportage on the event, which will also broadly demonstrated on national TV channels and internet TVs.

Submitter: Parvana Valiyeva