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Organization: Ear Foundation

Project title: Ear and Hearing care for All, Let’s make it a reality!

Regions: Pakistan

Outline of the event:

Ear foundation will be carrying out event aiming advocacy, raising awareness and promoting ear and hearing health care in large population (adolescents, adults and children) by reaching out to communities where people are underserved (like rural areas). The overall goal is to enable a smooth process of hearing healthcare promotion, awareness creation, increased accessibility and to influence and change public opinion and behavior about various ear and hearing related issues. One day free access to quality ear and hearing care services including free consultations and hearing screenings will be offered to general public. WHO posters will be displayed in the surrounding communities and educational messages will be disseminated through multiple platforms. This event is expected to yield various positive short-term and long-term outcomes concerning ear and hearing healthcare.

Submitter: Amber Rashid