Projects listed excude those projects which had no specific region identified (such as website or global membership programs)


Organization: Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children

Project title: Ear and Hearing Care in the Palestinian Primary Health Care System

Regions: Eastern Mediterranean Region – throughout region

Outline of the event:

1.) Conducting lobbying meetings with policy makers in the Ministry of Health to address the rising rates of hearing loss cases. These meetings aim at influencing policy makers to develop an effective national hearing management system and to equip general practitioners with the needed training for providing hearing care services.

2.) Holding a hybrid roundtable discussion that will gather government decision makers, CSOs representatives, healthcare providers, persons with hearing disability, youth, local and international experts in the field of ear care.

3.) Launching a digital advocacy campaign in collaboration with ASDC’s partners and health care service providers. ASDC will prepare a video to show success stories for persons with hearing disability, highlighting the importance of early detection and intervention of hearing loss. The campaign will also involve broadcasting a radio meeting with a senior audiologist to educate and inform the public about the necessity of making regular hearing assessments.

Submitter: Aita Dina