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Organization: Association of persons with hearing loss -Uganda (APHEL-UG LTD)

Project title: Breaking the negative attitudes influence attitudes towards the care of persons with Hearing Impairment

Regions: Website, Publication, International society member effort, Grant program Uganda

Outline of the event:

APHEL-UG LTD (Association of people with hearing loss-Uganda) will celebrate world hearing day in march 2023.
We shall carry out activities aimed at creating awareness and sensitizing the communities about the hearing impairment disability also known as the ‘silent disability.
A number of activities will be carried out,activities through a series of television and radio shows, webinars, and Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) pro bono services.
The organisation (APHEL-UG LTD) will hold a press briefing to remind the public about hearing loss and proper ear care. it is prudent to note that good hearing and communication are important at all stages of life. People with hearing loss find it hard to communicate with their families .We shall therefore remind the government to integrate person-centered ear and hearing care within the national health plans to ease the cost of accessing the hearing care services so that people can benefit from this.

Submitter: Daniel Mwaka