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Organization: Serbian Society of Otorhinolaryngology

Project title: Hearing and Vocal Hygiene

Regions: Serbia

Outline of the event:

World Hearing Day Symposium: Hearing and voice hygiene. 6-7. March 2023. Belgrade, Serbia
Accreditation number A-1-1852/22.
Symposium topics: Early detection, prevention and treatment of hearing impairment. Keeping a good voice.
Foundation – Association for hearing, voice and speech. The association gathers otolaryngologists, audiologists, phoniatrists, speech therapists and audiologists.
Short guide- Symposium consists of four Masterclasses with invitation lectures of eminent professors. 1. Early detection (genetic hearing loss, neonatal screening, speech impairment and hearing loss, hearing loss in preterm infants, tinnitus); 2. Prevention of hearing loss ( Noise and hearing loss, Occupational noise exposure and protection, Ototoxicity and otoprotection); 3. Treatment of hearing loss (Surgical treatment, Hearing aids, Hearing loss and COVID19), Presbyacusis and quality of life with hearing aids); 4. Vocal hygiene.

Submitter: Ljiljana Čvorović