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Organization: Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility

Project title: Hearing Care for All Webinar

Regions: Canada

Outline of the event:

Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility, with its partners the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, BC Chapter and Vancouver Branch, is holding a webinar to raise awareness about ear and hearing care. The webinar is part of events around the world being held in conjunction with World Hearing Day which is celebrated annually by the World Health Organization on March 3rd. This on-line webinar will discuss awareness of ear and hearing care, gaps in service and referrals, and issues related to an under-estimation of the negative consequences of hearing loss to one’s health and well-being. Panelists include:

• Gael Hannan, Consumer Advocate and Vice-President, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, BC Chapter
• Hugh McCormack, Director, Clinical Operations & Social Enterprise, Wavefront Centre
• Dr. Brenda Poon, Senior Research Fellow, Wavefront Centre
• Christopher Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, Wavefront Centre
Moderator: Dr. Ruth Warick. Captioning and ASL interpreting are provided.

Submitter: Ruth Warick