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Organization: LRBT

Project title: Strengthening of Inclusive Eye Health Services

Regions: Website, Publication, International society member effort, Grant program Pakistan

Outline of the event:

In the District of Rahim Yar Khan, quality of life for people with
threatened or existing visual impairment and their participation in
social life and society in general has greatly been impacted due to
the absence of eye health care facilities especially for the poor and
due to affordability issues as they cannot visit private clinics due to
prohibitive costs.
Construction of our new, purpose built Hospital in Rahim Yar Khan
began when earth breaking took place on 12th February 2022. The
project is planned to be completed in two years.

LRBT has started collaborative efforts in 2021 with financial support of Instruments, Eye OPD essentials, Cataract surgeries and wheel chairs for the people of Sadiqabad, District RYK.
CBM/BMZ support financially to equip Ophthalmology Department of THQ Hospital Sadiqabad with linked RHCs by deploying Optometrists.
Our Trusted Donor from Abu Dhabi has full financial support for the construction of Hospital.

Submitter: Safdar Muhammad