Projects listed excude those projects which had no specific region identified (such as website or global membership programs)


Organization: Commmunity Advancement Initiative for Self Reliance

Project title: Increasing access of adolescents and young adults to ears and safe hearing information and early detection of hearing loss

Regions: Nigeria

Outline of the event:

Media campaign – the project will support a media awareness programme on TV. This aims at raising awareness of ear and safe hearing, and prevention of hearing loss through school-based screening. Sensitise policymakers on the enactment o

Outreach – Raise awareness of the factors that cause hearing loss, prevention of hearing loss, and how to maintain safe hearing. Screening for hearing issues through collaboration with healthcare workers, a minimum of 100 students will be screened

IEC materials – production and distribution of handbills and stickers to promote healthy ears and hearing. This will provide information through the translation of the IEC materials into diverse local languages. This is to further raise awareness around hearing loss, prevention, treatment, and anti-discrimination against deaf persons

Submitter: Oluropo Ayeni