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Organization: Besafe Riesgos Laborales SAS

Project title: Seminario iberoameroamericano Gestión e intervención del ruido una perspectiva interdisciplinaria

Regions: Chile, Colombia, Ecuador

Outline of the event:

BeSafe Riesgos laborales SAS from Colombia with Integral Professional Security from Ecuador and Seguiri Preveer from Chile, supported by the Chair of Occupational Risk Prevention and Public Health from the Universidad de Cordoba-Spain; institute Universidad Empresa from the Universidad a Distancia de Madrid; Industrial Security Technological Platform PESI, The General Council of Industrial Relations and Labor Sciences and the General Council of Professionals for Occupational Safety and Health of Spain; We have organized an Ibero-American seminar, aimed at companies that due to their economic activity may have workers exposed to noise, some with hearing impairment. Our goal is oriented to expose different risk identification strategies, propose intervention routes, control measures from promotion and prevention strategies that can prevent hearing loss and existing hearing rehabilitation options to improve the quality of life of workers