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Organization: Pediatric Department of Audiology, Otology, Neurotology & Cochlear Implantation Unit, Athens Pediatric Center

Project title: Ear care for all (Φροντίδα της Ακοής για όλους)

Regions: Greece

Outline of the event:

My multidisciplinary team and I will use local press, social media and articles to inform people of all ages about the importance of hearing! We have a special interest in children; however we will target every age group (infants-children-young adults-adults-elderly). We intend to provide information about ear care and ear protection, focusing on educating society to seek for help, guidance and ENT services timely. Moreover, we would like to address to our colleagues, physicians of different specialties-including pediatricians- as well as all the health personnel, highlighting the impact of ear problems and hearing loss. Our goal is to extend our current excellent cooperation on ear issues and achieve more referrals of patients, when needed, to ear specialists.

Ioannis Athanasopoulos, MD, PhD

Submitter: Ioannis Athanasopoulos