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Organization: RNID

Project title: Hearing Screening and the NHS Health Check: a UK Parliamentary drop-in held by RNID

Regions: United Kingdom of Great Britan and Northern Ireland

Outline of the event:

RNID will be talking to UK parliamentarians about the link between hearing loss and dementia and the importance of checking hearing early.

There are 12 million people across the UK who have hearing loss. However many people who could benefit from hearing aids do not have them, despite the fact that hearing aids readily available on the NHS.

There is currently no systematic adult hearing screening programme in the UK, and RNID, along with Alzheimer’s UK are calling for hearing checks to be included within the NHS Health Check, which is carried out by GPs for adults aged between 40 and 75. One of the conditions that the health check screens for is dementia – but it does not check for the biggest potentially modifiable risk factor, hearing loss. We want to change this.

The drop-in will be held in the Palace of Westminster, London, on 1st March.

Submitter: Oliver Franki