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Organization: B-Audio (The Belgian Scientific Audiology Society)

Project title: The RIZIV/INAMI campaign “Hearing Loss is Never Normal”

Regions: Belgium

Outline of the event:

Tuesday the 18th of April – 20 – 21.30h CET – The RIZIV/INAMI campaign “Hearing Loss is Never Normal” to incentivise General Practitioners to recognise early signs of hearing loss and to avoid the consequence of untreated hearing loss (This is a follow-up symposium to support the campaign, which is launched on the 3rd of March 2023 for World Hearing Day)

o Introduction RIZIV/INAMI
o WHO – The consequences of untreated hearing loss and the important role of the General Practitioner
o The ENT point of view
o The Hearing Aid Professional point of view
o The General Practitioner point of view
o Conclusions

The symposium is virtual, and all presentations will be in English

For more information:

Submitter: Mark Laureyns