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Organization: Committee for the Prevention of Hearing Loss and Deafness (KOMDA PGPKT/ Penanggulangan Gangguan Pendengaran dan Ketulian) in collaboration with Otorhi

Project title: Health Providers Training on Screening and Management of Hearing Loss in Primary Health Care Bandung City

Regions: Indonesia

Outline of the event:

Training for Health Providers which includes screening and management of hearing loss in primary healthcare in the city of Bandung
Health Providers (head of health center, general practitioner, nurse)
Bandung City Health Office

March, 29th 2023. 09.00-13.00 GMT +7.

The training contains integrated models of care: (i) primary-care assessment and intervention; (ii) screening; (iii) hearing tests; (iv) hearing rehabilitation; (v) middle-ear surgery; (vi) deaf services; and (vii) cochlear implant programs

Submitter: Sally Mahdiani