The map excludes those projects in which the primary site was listed as regional or had no specific region identified (such as a global website or global membership programs).  Note regional and global projects are fully reported on other pages (for example this link).


Organization: Health Care Association of Nepal(HCAN)

Project title: Enhancing Hearing Health for All

Primary region: SEAR

Country: Nepal

Event Description:

The project’s primary goal is to raise awareness about hearing health and provide accessible solutions. For World Hearing Day 2024, the initiative includes a multifaceted awareness campaign, community workshops, and seminars. Free hearing screenings in underserved areas, facilitated by local healthcare providers and mobile units, aim to enhance accessibility. Educational efforts involve creating materials, online resources, and school outreach programs. Support services, including a helpline and collaboration with organizations, will assist affected individuals and families. Expected outcomes include increased awareness, improved accessibility to screenings, empowered communities, and enhanced collaboration among local entities for better hearing health support.

Submitter: Prajwal Bhandari