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Organization: Suleiman Hearing and Education Foundation

Project title: Breaking Barriers:Changing Mindsets towards Hearing loss in Northwest Nigeria

Primary region: AFR

Country: Nigeria

Event Description:

Activities will be focused in 2 States in Northwest Nigeria
1.4 Day primary Ear Care Training for Health workers in Kano and Katsina States 24-29 FEB 2024
2.Free community Hearing screening and Awareness Program 28-29 FEB 2024
3.Meeting with communities: Radio Awareness campaign with Hearing experts and Champions 2nd & 3rd March 2024
4.Courtesy to Honourable Commissioner for Health and Education in Kano State 4th March 2024

5.Courtesy visit with Honourable commissioner for Health and Education in Katsina 5th March 2024

Radio campaign will feature hearing ambasador for SHEF who will share his experience and progress as an deaf child who had the first cochlear implant done Northwest Nigeria with the public.

Hearing screening and awareness campaign will be done in primary health centers during which trained health workers will have hands on experience.
Courtesy call with policy makers by SHEF Nigeria in Kano and Katsina States

Submitter: Shef2022