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Organization: National Institute of Hearing & Speech- Iceland

Project title: World Hearing Day celebration 2024 – Awareness of importance of hearing health for children

Primary region: EUR

Country: Iceland

Event Description:

Symposium on Hearing and Children in partnership with the Children´s Ombudsman, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry for social affairs and children as well as NGO´s such as the Association of hard-of-hearing people in Iceland and the Parents of Hard-of hearing and deaf children as well as special schools for this group of children in Iceland.
This symposium will be part of our WHD celebration 2024 which will be a one-week long exercise. The symposium will take place on Friday March 1st to generate media coverage during the weekend of WHD (Sunday March 3rd). Other events will take place both before and after March 3rd.
The symposium will focus on hard-of-hearing and deaf children´s rights to access to hearing care and support for the children, their families and especially schools.
By recruiting our partners for this event we secure a high profile event that should generate good media coverage.

Submitter: Kristjan Sverrisson