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Organization: PIC – Programa de Implantes Cocleares – Uruguay

Project title: Raising Awareness regarding Hearing Loss and Hearing Care – particularly related to the possibilities of access to Cochlear Implants in Uruguay

Primary region: AMR

Country: Uruguay

Event Description:

In an effort to raise awareness about hearing health, educate the population, and promote the inclusion of individuals with hearing loss, deafness, and particularly those benefiting from cochlear implants, we aim to carry out an awareness campaign in Montevideo. This event not only seeks to inform about the importance of ear care but also to highlight the realities, benefits, and challenges of cochlear implants within the community.
The objective is to educate society about the needs of individuals with hearing disabilities, especially those who do not use sign language. Creation of a mural on the iconic Montevideo sign located on the Rambla. This mural will depict diversity and the importance of hearing health, emphasizing the community of individuals with cochlear implants and their inclusion in society. An event will be organized in the vicinity of the Montevideo sign, including an informative booth, interactive displays, information about hearing care, etc.

Submitter: Alejo Suárez Arocena