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Organization: Hearing-Check

Project title: World Hearing Day 2024

Primary region: EUR

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Event Description:

Join us on March 4th for a World Hearing Day event, as we raise awareness about hearing loss, tinnitus, and their profound impacts on mental well-being and brain health. This event is a platform for discussions, providing invaluable insights into the connections between hearing health and overall wellness.

Our engaging workshops will equip you with practical knowledge on caring for both NHS and private hearing aids, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. We aim to foster a supportive community where individuals can share experiences and learn from experts in the field. Understanding the intricacies of hearing health is crucial for maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life. Your hosts are Heidi Tanton, an Audiologist with a decade’s worth of experience in hearing care, and Carol Heptonstall, a specialist in mindfulness for tinnitus.

Submitter: Heidi Tanton