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Organization: MUMSA initiative

Project title: Amplifying Voices: Breaking the Stigma around Hearing Loss. Theme: “Changing Mindsets: Ear & Hearing Care for All, let’s make it a reality.”

Primary region: AFR

Country: Nigeria

Event Description:

The plan activity for World Hearing Day 2024 event will invite general public and policy makers to endorse the policy makers to provide an urgent solutions for ensuring equitable access to ear and hearing care services in healthcare.

The activity will organize a public forum event that featuring individuals with hearing loss, healthcare professionals, and policymakers. To discuss the challenges face by individuals with hearing loss due to stigma and lack of access to care.

The event will partner with schools and community centers to distribute WHO awareness materials for the day and beyond.

During the event participants will develop a petition and discuss the policy reforms towards equitable access that will prioritize investments in ear and hearing care programs.

The even planner will launch a social media campaign using #HearingForAll #MUMSA #WHO #Earhealth hashtag to share stories of individuals with hearing loss and raise awareness about the event.

Submitter: Sulaiman Ashiru