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Organization: Youth in Action for Health promotion

Project title: Increasing Awareness among community and school on ear and hearing health

Primary region: AFR

Country: Liberia

Event Description:

1 in every five community members and students in Zwedru lack basic information on ear and hearing health, it is evidence by the numbers of children and young adult that visit nearby health center with symptoms of ear infection or injury. Families often regard hearing impairment as a social stigma. YAHP has designed two days of activities in observance of World Hearing Day with the titled: Increasing Awareness among Community and School on Ear and Hearing Health under the Global theme: Changing Mindsets: Let’s Make ear and hearing care a reality for all.

This two days activities aims at raising awareness among 150 community members and students in school and one day symposium iwth community members and students.
Enhance the knowledge of 150 participant on ear and hearing healthone-day
Debung misconception and perception of ear and hearing problem
Encourage participants to consult health care worker before using ear medication

Submitter: William K. Bearlar