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Organization: WizEar Trust

Project title: Changing Mindsets: Ear & Hearing Care for All, let’s make it a reality one community at a time!”

Primary region: AFR

Country: Zimbabwe

Event Description:

Historically people with Hearing Loss have been looked down upon and not given opportunities to showcase what they can do. This year Wizear,with partnership from the Cooperate World will showcase economic project by Hearing Impaired/Deaf people around the city. This will change the mindset of people who see people with Hearing impairment as dependents,deadwood and non-productive members of the community. 30 HI exhibitors will exhibit carpentry,catering,dress making,hairdressing,Graphics, IT etc to the local communities as part of marketing their business as well as proving their capacity to contribute towards the economic growth of the country. We expect over 500 people to attend and over 50000 to watch the proceedings online. We also anticipate the Chinese Embassy to join in the commemoration.

Submitter: Lucia Nkomo Nkomo