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Organization: Centro de la audición los sentidos y la comunicación, Universidad del Desarrollo Chile.

Project title: Día mundial de la audición 2024

Primary region: AMR

Country: Chile

Event Description:

The Speech Therapy program at the Universidad del Desarrollo Chile, through the CESCO hearing, senses and communication center, wants to be present this day with the aim of promoting the hearing health of the population.

For this year, we have planned the following activity:
Hold a stand with trivia about hearing for students; earplugs will be given that they must use to experience hearing loss.
After participating, they will be given tips on hearing care (flyers).
Students who participate must tag the Speech Therapy program and the CEFONO student center.
For the delivery of the flyers, there will be “OTO”, our corporeal ear, who will carry out this task, motivating students and the university community to take care of their hearing.

The activity will be in charge of the academic Flga. Pamela Tomicic G.

Submitter: Pamela Tomicic