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Organization: Ministry of Health

Project title: World Hearing Day, 3 March 2024

Primary region: EMR

Country: Oman

Event Description:

The Ministry of Health (Oman), NGOs and private ear health institutions will participate in the celebration of World Hearing Day 2024 which aim to:
• Promote public health actions for ear and hearing care.
• Stimulate intersectoral partnership for ear and hearing care.
• Raise awareness on hearing loss and care at a national and community levels across the world.
• Encourage behavior change towards healthy EHC practices.
we will Focus on producing Ear awareness materials in a more effective, accessible manner that suits all segments and people with disabilities and hearing screening for all people who are attending events. In addition, we will adopt this year’s theme (Changing mindsets is crucial for improving access and reducing the cost of unaddressed hearing loss).

It is worth mentioning that the all the ear health care services in Oman are free of charge for the citizens.

Submitter: Saleh Al Harbi