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Organization: Nyahururu County Hospital

Project title: World Hearing Day 2024- Changing mindsets on ear and hearing care

Primary region: AFR

Country: Kenya

Event Description:

1.Have a feature in one of the local radio/ tv stations whereby patients with hearing loss, parents to children with hearing loss and a teacher from the local special school of the deaf will share their experiences.
2. Hold a street march/walk on the 4th March handing out flyers, engaging the community to address the various misconceptions on hearing loss.
3. Hold a meeting with key community stakeholders (local area chief, police, prison’s department, judiciary, national hospital insurance fund,teachers from the special schools) to raise awareness on challenges deaf patients face accessing government service and discuss ways to improve this.
4. Enroll at least 1 member of staff from the government institutions around for a basic course on Kenya Sign Language.

Submitter: Valerie Salano