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Organization: Nigeria Green Earth Initiative (NGEi)

Project title: Inclusive Hearings: Bridging Gaps for the Deaf Community

Primary region: AFR

Country: Nigeria

Event Description:

The NGEi’s World Hearing Day 2024 will include educational seminars featuring experts in audiology, sign language, and Deaf culture to enhance public understanding. Collaborative medical outreach programs will provide hearing screenings and support services.

A high-profile policy-influencing panel, including government representatives, medical professionals, and Deaf advocates, will address public opinion and advocate for inclusive policies. Furthermore, partnerships with the Edo State Ministry of Health, NGOs, CSOs, Deaf Associations, schools, and medical associations will ensure broad community engagement.

It will also include a strategic communication approach to reach a broader audience, ensuring widespread awareness and participation. The media coverage will document the event and also contribute to changing societal perceptions by broadcasting the importance of inclusivity for the Deaf community.

By fostering awareness, medical accessibility, and policy change, this initiative aims to create a more inclusive environment for the Deaf community, leaving a lasting impact on societal perceptions and support systems.

Submitter: Davies Ugowe