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Organization: SavingEars by Carla Bahillo

Project title: Hearing care for rhythmists from bh carnival groups

Primary region: AMR

Country: Brazil

Event Description:

Carnival is one of the biggest popular Brazilian festivals.
It takes millions of people to the streets across the country, but each city can have its own peculiarities.
In Belo Horizonte, the blocks do not sell abadás (clothes that entitle you to a place separate from the crowd), so people began to associate themselves with the blocks as rhythmists.
There are blocks with more than 200 rhythm players which can produce sounds greater than 120dBA.
Therefore, carrying out blit, educational actions, taking protections and teaching how to use it properly and why using it is essential.
Show that the protector must be part of the rhythmist’s or any reveler’s kit.
So go to rehearsals and talk about hearing protection, hand out hearing protection, measure the sound pressure level consistently

Submitter: Carla Bahillo