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Organization: Hawasa Youth Coalition

Project title: The Hawassa Kefeta Youth Coalition’s project centers on community awareness of hearing loss through radio PSAs, a shopping center campaign, and ear ca

Primary region: AFR

Country: Ethiopia

Event Description:

In our World Hearing Day awareness initiative, we are initiating key activities. First, we will print informative materials to distribute, enhancing public knowledge about hearing care. Our second major task involves a dynamic mobilization campaign at the industry park entrance, featuring a musical team, TikTok influencers, and respected elders. This event aims to captivate a diverse audience and raise awareness effectively. Concurrently, we will conduct medical hearing tests, fostering a partnership with local medical centers to amplify the significance of World Hearing Day and align with public health initiatives. Finally, we will utilize local media for transmitting impactful radio spots containing messages prepared by WHO, ensuring widespread dissemination of crucial information.

Submitter: Coalition Hawassa