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Organization: Department of Otolaryngology, CMC

Project title: Free Health Camp for Better hEAR

Primary region: SEAR

Country: Bangladesh

Event Description:

1) Firstly, we will arrange awareness sessions on Hearing problems and Noise pollution in secondary school and colleges including Chattogram Medical College(CMC).
2) Then, we will also arrange a daylong free health camp which includes an ear examination. We wish to provide 10 hearing aids to the most needy people for free there. The small grant will make the number bigger hopefully.
3) Besides, we want to make caps and t-shirts to arrange a rally and make posters, placards, banner and leaflets on WHD-2024.
4) We regularly post for general health awareness on every health issues on social media like Facebook and also in our hospital website. Thus we can reach more people hopefully. 5) Finally, we are experienced on organizing small events on different occasions. This year, we are planning to do these projects on Hearing Days for the first time.

Submitter: ENT_CMC