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Organization: Humelan, Presbyterian Board of Governors CI Center of Excellence @ GBMC, Audiovestibology Unit Cochlear Implant Center Neuroscience Dept ASST , GPODHH

Project title: Introducing the HEAR·T Initiative: Hearing Empowerment, Advancement, and Robotics in Technology

Primary region: AMR

Country: United States of America

Event Description:

Collaborators: Dr. Regina Presley, Prof. Michal Luntz, MD, Dr. Gil Kaminski, Jodi Cutler, and Dr. Eliana Cristofari. Across our disciplines, we are excited to see how research and technology can provide innovative approaches to care.

Our mission is to pioneer a person-centered approach that integrates cutting-edge technology, innovation, and optimized audiological care to empower individuals to achieve their best hearing and fullest communication potential.

Please join us on March 2, 2024, 10:00 am – 11:30 am est: Virtual Congress: “HEAR·T Initiative: Pioneering the Future of Hearing Healthcare” World Hearing Day 2024

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This event is geared towards individuals with concerns regarding their hearing, those wearing hearing aids and/or implantable devices, family members, and professionals. During our time together we will be discussing hearing health and aging, access and awareness to care, use of artificial intelligence, and challenges faced by those with hearing loss.

Submitter: Jodi Cutler