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Organization: Parkers Mobile Clinic

Project title: Hear for All – Nigeria: A Dialogue on Inclusive Ear and Hearing Care

Primary region: AFR

Country: Nigeria

Event Description:

The event is a Zoom event for World Hearing Day 2024, tailored for a Nigerian audience and aligned with the theme “Changing Mindsets: Ear & Hearing Care for All.” This online session will host a panel of Nigerian audiologists, ENT specialists, individuals with hearing loss, and health policymakers discussing local challenges and solutions in hearing care. The event will include interactive workshops for participants to engage in activities such as hearing loss simulations and awareness about local sign languages. A social media campaign will be launched to spread awareness on hearing loss prevention and care within Nigeria. This event targets the Nigerian public, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and those with hearing difficulties, aiming to educate and encourage action towards accessible and inclusive ear and hearing care in Nigeria. A summary report and consented photos will be shared with WHO post-event.

Submitter: Charles Umeh