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Organization: Ntumbuluku Association

Project title: Mobilizing community for ear and hearing health.

Primary region: AFR

Country: Mozambique

Event Description:

The event will be held in Mozambique, on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March, with the key message being “Changing Mindsets: Ear & Hearing Care for All, let’s make it a reality!” through activities favorable to the massification of community attention to ear health and hearing. The main activities of the event will be: 1. disseminate WHO/WHF messages on community radio stations; 2. disseminate messages about care and attention to ear health and hearing in a primary and secondary school; 3. compile and send to the donor 1 history of patients who have improved their ear health and hearing through the intervention of health services.
The event is expected to reach 3 million people with the radio and 5,000 students.

Submitter: Joaquim Uate