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Organization: MediaNet Works

Project title: Safe Listening: Unearthing Ear & Hearing Loss Invisible Stories

Primary region: AFR

Country: Kenya

Event Description:

MediaNet Works will bring together partner organizations and individuals to mark the World Hearing Day 2024. The aim of this eventis to raise awareness and advocate for positive social change regarding stigmatization related to hearing loss and promote global standards for safe listening entertainment venues.
To ensure success for this event, the following activities will take place:
* Consultative Capacity Building Workshops to understand and familiarise with;
Stigma surrounding hearing loss;
Global standard for safe listening.
* Awareness and Advocacy Events that will include hosting;
Content development and distibution
A Webinar;
A Social media chat space.
* Public Event
Purpose: Raise public awareness and support positive social change regarding stigmatization related to hearing loss
Location: Local learning institution for the deaf
Participants: Government agencies, deaf community Advocacy Organisations, healthcare givers, children and youth, educators, and caregivers.

Submitter: Clement Njoroge