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Organization: Sakhile Nkosi Audiologist Pty (Ltd)

Project title: World Hearing Day 2024- Changing mindset about ear and hearing care through public awareness

Primary region: AFR

Country: South Africa

Event Description:

This event will be led by two independent audiologists, In a rural community, South Africa. Our focus is centered around information sharing, with emphasis on reaching underserved populations. The program will kick off with informative talks at a deep rural health facility, extending the reach of our message to community members who may not have easy access to such resources. Following this, we plan to conduct training sessions for community health care workers, equipping them with skills to identify community members in need of ear and hearing services. This phase of our program is integral to building local capacity and ensuring that early intervention can be implemented effectively.
Moreover, our outreach efforts will extend to engaging healthcare professionals at a local public hospital. By collaborating with these professionals, we aim to create a lasting impact on the broader healthcare ecosystem, fostering a community-wide understanding of the importance of hearing health.