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Organization: Neuroth Serbia – Belgrade

Project title: Hearing power // Moć Sluha

Primary region: EUR

Country: Serbia

Event Description:

A week long event dedicated to HA users and those who may or may not have some trouble hearing. Our plan is to make up to IV stages of activities dedicated to hearing power and hearing care.
I Masterclass – Ask us now: a spot for all of the questions people with hearing loss have about the HL. They will have the chance to talk with our MD, Therapists and Audiologists.
II Masterclass – workshop: Better undestanding of the needs and challenges of the people with HL and their families, support systems
III Masterclass – Service packages and hearing aids care systems,assistive technologies and accessibility
IV Masterclass – Hearing care: a part of ourweek dedicated to hearing loss prevention, communication strategies and overall better living with hearing loss
We will be also performing full screening test for all of our guests and interested adults over the age of 50.

Submitter: Jovana Petrovic