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Organization: The Department of Otorhinolaryngology, the Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkhla University

Project title: A Symphony of Sound: Empowering Communities for Lifelong Hearing

Primary region: SEAR

Country: Thailand

Event Description:

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology at the Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkhla University, is dedicated to celebrating World Hearing Day (WHD) 2024 with a series of impactful activities. Our multifaceted campaigns aim to raise awareness, provide education, and offer practical solutions for hearing health, targeting both the public and healthcare providers. On WHD, we will host a free hearing screening camp at Songklanagarind Hospital. Scheduled engagement meetings in March 2024 include a “Parental Education and Sharing Event,” empowering parents and healthcare professionals to support children with hearing impairments and fostering a supportive network. Another event, the “Occupational Hearing Loss Prevention Program,” emphasizes awareness, guidelines, and preventive measures in healthcare and factory settings. Furthermore, our initiatives involve an Online Education Program, Capacity Building Program, and efforts to strengthen healthcare infrastructure, aiming to augment both the quantity and proficiency of primary healthcare professionals capable of delivering hearing screening.

Submitter: Pattarawadee Prayuenyong