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Organization: Ear Foundation

Project title: Harmonizing futures; Dismantling stigmas surrounding Newborn Hearing Screening on World Hearing Day

Primary region: EMR

Country: Pakistan

Event Description:

An awareness campaign will be organized in a hospital setting. The focus of our event will be on addressing stigmatizing mindsets surrounding newborn hearing screening. Collaborations will be made with Gynecology and Pediatrics department for integration of information into parental care and for follow up and support post screening. A questionnaire for hearing screening will be provided to parents to gather information about their knowledge on the subject. WHO posters will be displayed and Informational flyers will be distributed among parents on all of our screening sites in major cities of Pakistan. By fostering a supportive environment, we aim to increase the rate of newborns undergoing hearing screening, ensuring early detection of hearing loss and timely intervention. Other than this we will be training our clinic’s healthcare professional on effectively communicating the importance of newborn hearing screening.

Submitter: Amber Rashid