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Project title: UACA WORLD HEARING DAY 2024

Primary region: SEAR

Country: India

Event Description:

On behalf of our UACA association we are planning to conduct free ENT & Hearing testing camp for adults and senior citizens in a community hall on 3rd March 2024 from 10am to 4pm and screen minimum 200 members. Depending on the Hearing testing reports we would like to counsel the patients about the importance of Hearing aids and will offer the Hearing aids at discounted price or will provide at free of cost to the poor and needy who are below poverty line. We are also planning to conduct free mobile hearing screening camp through a bus by visiting the gated communities or streets to create public awareness about ear and hearing care. Planning to invite Ministers and Govt officials to make them aware of the World Hearing Day and responsibility of the Government to allot more funds and create more awareness to make Ear & Hearing care accessible.

Submitter: Dr.Nagender Kankipati