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Organization: Professor Skarżyński SŁYSZĘ Foundation

Project title: I hear you!

Primary region: EUR

Country: Poland

Event Description:

On the occasion of World Hearing Day on March 3, 2024, the Professor Skarżyński SŁYSZĘ Foundation is organizing a Charity and Educational Gala. During the event, we will present the stories of the organizations’ beneficiaries with hearing impairments who use hearing implants and hearing aids. The program includes lectures by otolaryngologists and audiologists on the key role of hearing prevention. About 150 people will take part in the event, and the proceeds from the charity auction will be used to implement an educational campaign on the prevention and treatment of hearing impairments, addressed to primary and secondary schools throughout Poland. In addition, we will publish posts which highligh key points and promote the WHD materials on our social media fanpage and website, as well as some topical articles on our website. WHO materials of the day would be available to download.

Submitter: Foundation Professor Skarżyński SŁYSZĘ