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Organization: AICCV (Asociación de Implantados Cocleares de la Comunidad Valenciana)

Project title: Semana de la Audición – Hearing Week

Primary region: EUR

Country: Spain

Event Description:

From February 25th, International Cochlear Implant Day, until March 3rd, World Hearing Day, AICCV organizes outreach activities in different cities around Comunidad Valenciana Region:
– 5 cities will illuminate in red some of their public buildings
– Campaign in Muppies or Scrolling advertising board in Valencia city center.
– Workshops for students of different ages about Safe Listening in 6 different schools.
– Street stands to provide information and raise awareness and do hearing tests with the HearWHO application in at least 7 towns.
– Campaign with posters in 32 public libraries.
– Campaign with posters and videos in public transport:
– Valencia: Illumination public building, Stand in front on the town hall & Metro stations, Public transports (Bus and metro) posters and short advertisement on the BusTV.
– Alicante: Public transports (Trolley car) posters and short advertisement on the TV.
– Castellón: Campaign with posters in the town hall.

Submitter: Laia Zamora