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Organization: Deaf Empowerment Society of Kenya

Project title: Advancing Auditory Health: Be a Catalyst for Change on World Hearing Day 2024

Primary region: AFR

Country: Kenya

Event Description:

The “Deaf Empowerment Society of Kenya” plans to host an event titled “Advancing Auditory Health: Be a Catalyst for Change on World Hearing Day 2024.” The event aims to raise awareness about hearing health, challenge societal perceptions surrounding deafness, and advocate for policy changes. Activities include informational sessions on the importance of inclusive hearing care, interactive workshops promoting understanding, and testimonies from individuals overcoming hearing challenges. The society will present policy recommendations to stakeholders, urging the integration of inclusive hearing care in healthcare policies. Through this initiative, they aspire to catalyze positive change in societal attitudes towards auditory health while fostering policy shifts that prioritize accessibility and support for the hearing-impaired community in Kenya.

Submitter: Ndwiga Murimi