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Organization: Uzuri health and beauty

Project title: Hearing screening Day

Primary region: AFR

Country: Uganda

Event Description:

On the 1st of march 2024, Uzuri health and beauty will carry out a stepwise approach to check ears and hearing at the headquarters located Kamwokya, a suburb located in the heart of the capital city Kampala in Uganda.
Activities will include:
– sensitization
General public to be invited of participate in the ear and hearing screening exercise. messengers using megaphones will move around the community announcing and inviting all people to turn up on that day to be screened.
ENT technical staff will be hired to screen and refer all individuals identified with hearing problems
ENT specialists hired to do screening
-health education
Health messages targeting prevention of hearing loss and deafness
-Referral of people with hearing disabilities.
All identified individuals to be referred for further assessment and care.
documenting activities and develop reports and submit reports. reports sent to the responsible government agency and the donors

Submitter: Omuut Tom