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Organization: Lumuno community based organisation

Project title: Info-Marathon 2024~equipping masses on the Ear Care and prevention of Hearing loss

Primary region: AFR

Country: Zambia

Event Description:

We intend on settin up station at the town’s Market place to give infomation about the iportance of frequent routine Ear care, seeking early treatment to treatable conditions such as Otitis Media, Otitis externa, prevention of wrong methods of Ear care such as cleaning with ear Buds. Prevention of predisposing factors to Preventable Hearing loss such as Smoking, excessive and indiscriminate use of ototoxic drugs, exposure to loud noises and dispelling of mirths that escalate habits that predispose individuals to Hearing loss. We intend to do this the whole day on 3rd march in commemoration of the WHD by disseminating info through PA systems, giving out flyers and pamphlets and displaying banners that will carry the information about Ear and Hearing care.

Submitter: chilolo lupele