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Project title: Amplifying efforts for mindset Change towards hearing Healthcare in Uganda.

Primary region: AFR

Country: Uganda

Event Description:

UFHOH Plans to hold engagement meeting with the legislators at Parliament including the Office of the Hon. Speaker of parliament to discuss hearing healthcare and importance of parliament’s involvement in supporting actions that mitigate hearing loss prevalence at all ages, we aim to share hard copies of World report on hearing to ensure its in the hands of the right stakeholders to influence decissions.
Hold engagements meetings with commissioner Ministry of Health deliberating on WHD 2024 theme to ensure ministry refocuses on hearing healthcare
Engagement meeting with healthcare providers in 4 hospitals public and Private to share best practices while handling patients with hearing loss and also to share copies of the Hearing care training manual
UHOH will print and disseminate WHD Promotional Material, Conduct safe listening awareness in 5 academic institutions , Social media platforms to amplify awareness and convene hard of hearing to share experiences to motivate action.

Submitter: Moses Serwadda